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West African Fraud
Advanced Fee Fraud
  • Have you received an unsolicited communication from West Africa?
  • Did the individual claim that your assistance was required to assist in the transfer of millions of dollars away from an African country?
  • Have you entered into correspondence with this person and or other people in the progress of this business proposal?
  • Have you sent money to these individuals?
Loss of funds?
  • If you have lost funds or been invited to travel to a meeting. WE CAN HELP YOU.
  • We will provide assistance to recover funds and supply specialist advice and assessment on issues affecting meetings.
  • Expert advice on travel overseas.
  • Examination of documentation.
  • Research of identifiable criteria.
  • Assessment on individual and corporate security arrangements.
Specialist Assistance
  • We have experience of the business of West African criminality.
  • Understanding of the modus operandi used by individuals.
  • Knowledge of connections in the UK with West African states, South Africa, Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Established international links with law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and partner organisations.
  • Financial investigation capacity.
  • Identification and freezing of bank accounts used to facilitate fraud in the UK.
  • Securing of Moravia injunctions.
  • Travel to West Africa, South Africa and USA.
  • Preparation of documentation for information of law enforcement agencies.
  • Dynamic database capability.
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