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We at UFST are dedicated to providing you with a bespoke service, tailored to your requirements. Your satisfaction is our prime consideration when providing solutions. Confidentiality and integrity is paramount in all aspects of our work.
The Team
Former Police Officers with over 100 years of experience between them.

They have experience with:
  • The National Crime Squad (NCS)

  • The National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS)

  • The West Midlands Police Fraud Squad

  • A variety of Police Criminal Investigation Offices
The Team
  • Complete integrity & confidentiality

  • Investigation without loss of control

  • A complete management service package utilising extensive fraud investigation techniques

  • Extensive training tailored to your requirements

  • Fraud awareness training

  • Open source intelligence

  • Documentary control systems

  • Internet awareness

  • Risk management advice

  • All aspects of credit card crime training

  • Anti-corruption training

  • Human Rights awareness issues

  • Ethnic minority awareness

  • Criminal legislation and the impact on retail investigations

  • Retail site analysis

  • Vetting of current & prospective staff

  • Drug awareness in the workplace

  • Surveillance/Technical advice

  • E-Commerce security

  • Computer Network security

  • Computer intrusion investigations

  • Computer forensic investigations

  • Computer security awareness training

  • Drug/Chemical awareness

  • CCTV

  • Due dilligence

  • Financial investigation / asset tracking
Unauthorised use

This is a U.F.S.T. computer system. U.F.S.T. will make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to information provided confidentially via U.F.S.T. Unauthorized attempts to gain access to or modify any information stored on this system, to defeat or circumvent security features, or to use this system for other than its intended purposes are illegal and may result in disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, or both. To protect the integrity of this system and the confidentiality of information stored on it, U.F.S.T. may monitor any activity on the system and retrieve any information stored on the system.

Computer Security

Use of Internet network resources, such as those provided by U.F.S.T. involves potential computer security risks:

  • Documents and files may contain software viruses. Looking at a file in a text editor is generally safe, but downloading a program to a computer, and executing it, may introduce a virus to the PC. It is advisable to either refrain from executing programs obtained over the network, or use a virus detecting utility before running such a program.

  • It is wise to follow generally accepted network security procedures, such as password protecting network resources (they may exist on your own PC), choosing strong network passwords, making tape backups of files on network computers, etc. Any computer connected to the Internet is subject to attack by hackers.

  • Documents and files available through U.F.S.T. may contain inaccuracies. Technology to authenticate documents exists, but is not readily available to most users. Unless you have such software technology, it is prudent to limit the trust you place in Internet accessed documents. Internet resources such as Gopher and the World Wide Web (WWW/Mosaic) create the appearance of a seamless information network. Actually, Internet accessed documents exist on different servers, managed by different organizations. Consequently, that U.F.S.T. operations staff have little or no control of the majority of documents that can be accessed, via pointers, through U.F.S.T. resources.
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