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Fraud & Internet investigation 
Our Expertise
  • We have the expertise and experience to investigate any criminal breach within your organisation.

  • We can deliver a comprehensive package which would support any action you deem necessary up to and including a Police prosecution.
Fraud may not necessarily be criminal, you may be dealing with a breach of trust issue that requires intensive but delicate enquiries. We are able to undertake a wide range of Investigations and associated disciplines.
Problem Solving
  • Do you have a problem that needs solving with the minimum amount of fuss but with the maximum amount of integrity?

  • Have the Police and/or other organisations let you down?

  • Do you fear a loss of control?

  • Do you fear adverse publicity?

  • Has the Internet impacted adversely upon your company?
We can supply all of your computer forensic requirements and are able to assist you in training or investigation in this new and rapidly emerging medium.

See our Training packages online for further solutions.
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