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Clandestine Laboratories

CCi has a trading style of Universal Fraud Solutions and Training. HHIt forms part of the Company and is responsible for providing Expert knowledge in the field of Synthetic Drug Manufacture and Illicit drug production. UFST and CCi can provide a very extensive and expert awareness of these processes and can provide advice, training and investigation techniques that can be used to counter this growing trade. Illicit drug manufacture is a growing trend, throughout the globe synthetic drugs are exploding at an alarming rate. This is a very specialist area and we at UFST and CCi have people who have years of experience in this area and are experts fully trained in these techniques.

The Following are the services that can be provided by our experts.
  • Expert training in investigative techniques in the field of illicit manufacture of all synthetic drugs including the most popular ATS (amphetamine Type Stimulants.) Drugs such as MDMA (Ecstasy), Meth amphetamine, amphetamine, MDA, MDEA. Also other stimulants such as GHB.

  • Expert advice and training in the field of Health and Safety, in all aspects of synthetic drug production. This includes a full generic risk assessment program for all illicit laboratories. Methods of entry and professional bodies that need to be consulted, when raiding illicit labs. This also includes the field of Hydroponics in relation to cannabis cultivation, and mixing labs for all illicit drugs.

  • A comprehensive manual, outlining Health and Safety and investigative techniques.

  • Advice on removal, storage and destruction of all lab sites and contents, including the potential costs that may be incurred.

  • A Call out facility for a member of our team to a lab site pre raid and post raid. Providing advice and expert analysis if required.

  • Advice on completing court files in relation to this specialist field, incorporating procedures under Regulatory Investigative Powers Act and Disclosure under CPIA.

  • A guide to personal protective equipment and the minimum standards required, when involved in illicit lab work.

  • Training and advice in the field of all drugs regardless of product. Training can be tailored to your needs.

  • Presentations in the whole of the drug field to all audiences again tailored to your requirements.

The above list of our products is by no means exhaustive. If you have any questions in relation to illicit drugs, counterfeit drugs (i.e. Steroids) or even the licit trade then please contact our experts. We can provide a most comprehensive service and this can be completely built around your own particular requirements. REMEMBER HEALTH AND SAFETY IS NOT AN OPTION IT IS COMPULSORY. We are here to help and advise and provide assistance. One injury is an injury too much.

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